Friday, August 27, 2010

I Iz In Yurr Blawg, Showin' Yooz Kraftz

In case ye be wonderin', this is not your loverly Miss Mykal. This be your friendly neighborhood Kendra, hijacking the blog to wave some of my own crafts in front of your lovely faces. I believe this will be heading towards a collaboration effort, so...I'll be creepin' around. More.

(I'm smiling at you. Widely.)

And now onto the show!

This summer, I've been focusing more on visual art. In June this meant constructing this:

Since originally snapping this photograph, the miserable looking cow dangling from the moon has been fixed. The yarn is stitched further up on the little dude's stomach and shoulder, so he sits more upright.

How 'twas made: It involved a balloon. The balloon was inflated. It was then slathered in paper mache, three layers high (not counting how many things of paper mache it took to shape the craters). Balloon was popped and removed (this involved a knife, a lot of shaking, and then repatching). Craters were added. Acrylic paint was applied. Two holes were made at the top and fishing line was wound through. Black yarn was used for the cow's lasso. The little cow toy was purchased and then hand sewn onto the yarn.


Aside from this, I have this friend who I like to draw cartoons of. So here are some of those pictures:

For now, I shall spare you the pictures of the painting. I may need something to blog about in the future and they're my back up plan. But I didn't tell you that.