Monday, September 6, 2010

A Poem From Me To You

I am a great bear full of style and grace

With well trimmed claws and fur on my face

And unlike the others that are of my kin,

It's truly the waltz that brings out my grin.

Eating and sleeping or smoking cigars

Is nothing to dancing 'neath wild, bright stars!

Sure you are small with your gold, curly hair

And I am a scruffy and rather large bear

But you, my dear girl, are as lovely as ever,

And I'd dance with you here, from now to forever.

So you wear your dress, and I my large tux.

I'll meet you at dusk by the pond with the ducks.

We'll laugh and prance and sing and sway-

A bear and a girl, in the whimsy way.

(Art by Emily Martin)

At the moment, I am working. It's a 24 hour live-in caregiver position, so I'm not finding a lot of time to craft. But I've made a list for the upcoming school year and am looking forward to getting started on them once fall is around. Until then, I hope you enjoy the poem!

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  1. Dude! I was reading that and I was thinking of that painting, before I'd seen that you posted the photo with it! loves it!